How do I contact DCF in Florida if their phone number is always busy?

Question by flgrl8585: How do I contact DCF in Florida if their phone number is always busy?
I have been trying for days to contact them and I always get hung up on..they said “all of our representatives are busy please try you call again later” they denied my food stamps because they said I did not give them proof of income..which i did..they gave me medicaid and they wouldnt have if they didnt have my income information..I dont understand it?!? its very frustrating and meanwhile my kids are going hungry and we have no money, and my car broke down so I cant even go to a charity! Is there someone ahead of the call center, a supervisor?? A congress person? This is ridiculous..people abuse the system so much good people like us get screwed its not fair
Note to all I have tried online, but there is no where you can actually talk (or email) to someone. All my friends live in Orlando and I am on the coast..also THERE ARE NO OFFICES IN MY AREA…they have closed down so many offices due to their “advanced online system” they are the model for the entire country but what they dont realize is in taking the personal aspect out of the process people that need the help feel alienated and uncared for..just looking someone in the face and giving them a smile or a pat on the back can make so much of a difference for a person in need..this is the first time I have ever been like this..i am very sick and cannot work, my husband works..but with all the bills and student loans paying all the bills eats up all of our money..I finale got ahold of someone on the phone and she was very apathetic and didnt do anything but resubmit my application…after all it was their mess up not mine
Predizzle my nizzle: yes I am white..without all of us hard working white people paying their taxes there would be no money for the “sistas” to feed their 20 kids..

I am physically disabled and have already sent in the app for disability

There are NO OFFICES..thats why they do everything online…

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Answer by John Milton
You don’t have one friend with a car that can take you to the food stamp office?

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3 Responses to How do I contact DCF in Florida if their phone number is always busy?

  1. ruth says:

    Contact them online. lol

  2. Predizzle my nizzle says:

    You a white girl. You don’t get no food stamps. That system is a secret and only the sistas get in the door. E’rbody know dat.

  3. f100_supersabre says:

    Medicaid is a completely separate program from Food Stamps.

    You should READ what they send you.
    You have the right to appeal their decision IN WRITING.
    DO SO!!
    You can request approval pending the hearing when you appeal the decision.

    USE your telephone to contact local food banks, etc.
    Some may be able to deliver to you if you can’t go get it.

    If the office is less than 5 miles, unless you are physically disabled, you should be able to WALK that far!

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